Working Girl: GH's Finola Hughes Has A New Gig — And That's Nothing To Sneeze At

As if she’s not busy enough appearing on GENERAL HOSPITAL, GH: NIGHT SHIFT and HOW TO GET THAT LOOK on The Style Network, actress, author and activist Finola Hughes (Anna) has taken on yet another job — as the new spokesperson for Aller-Ease.

Soap Opera Digest: How did this new gig come about?
Finola Hughes: I suffer from allergies and I’ve used the Aller-Ease products for years. For me, allergy-proofing is essential. Otherwise, I’m sneezing, coughing, tired, itchy, watery eyes. It’s not good. As it turns out, they were looking for a spokesperson and they approached me. It’s a perfect fit.

Digest: Are you a long-term allergy sufferer?
Hughes: As a kid, I grew up with asthma. Fortunately, I grew out of it, which some people do. Then, I didn’t get anything else until I moved to New York [in 1999 to do ALL MY CHILDREN]. After living in New York for a few years, I had come down with this chronic cough. I went to an allergist to figure out if there was something I was allergic to. I thought it was going to be something exotic [laughs] and it was just house dust and house mites. She gave me this pamphlet about the products I could get to make myself feel better.

Digest: Like what?
Hughes: For example, getting a zip-up sleeve for your pillow and covering your mattresses — basically enclosing any allergens you might get from your bedding. I got rid of the feather pillow and several weeks later, lo and behold, I stopped feeling as rough as I did. That was six or seven years ago and I just hooked up with Aller-Ease a month ago. Now they’re coming out with these amazing products that are very soft cotton and just really delicious. In the past, some zip-up products out there were a little crinkly. They would make noise, but these are just great.

Digest: What’s another tip?
Hughes: Rip up those carpets. I have hardwood floors now, maybe one rug. I don’t have any drapes on the windows. I make sure to take care of the environment and, happily, my children haven’t developed any allergies. It’s really a common sense approach. Now that we’re heading into winter, and especially if you’re in the cold and spend more time indoors, now is the time to look at how you can make your home more hypoallergenic. In doing this, I learned that 62 million Americans suffer from indoor allergies, so my goal is to educate people about this and hopefully save them all the trouble and discomfort that I went though.

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