Into The Woods

Jamal came to town in an effort to escape his life of crime. Shortly after arriving in Port Charles, his pregnant pal, Valerie (who was on the run from her abusive boyfriend, Cedric), showed up. Jamal ended up assisting Frank in delivering Valerie’s baby. The two men bonded immediately. Frank then helped his buddy out by locating a safe place for Valerie and the newborn when Cedric came around looking for them. Jamal met Alison, and they started spending time together. Jamal was shot by Cedric, who took Alison hostage and threatened to kill her if Jamal didn’t tell him where Valerie was. As Frank and Kevin wrestled a knife away from Cedric, Jamal saved Alison. Cedric soon got out of jail on bail, snatched Alison and used her to set up a meeting with Jamal. When Jamal arrived, he found a dead Cedric at the warehouse — and a shaken and somewhat amnesiac Alison. Because she couldn’t remember what had happened, Jamal took the rap for Cedric’s killing, saying he did it in self-defense. Eventually, Alison remembered the events of that night, including the fact that she offed Cedric in self-defense. All charges against Jamal were dropped, and he and Alison were at last able to explore their feelings. Well, almost: There was another obstacle in the way of happiness — Amanda Barrington, Alison’s grandmother. Amanda disinherited her granddaughter when Alison refused to stop seeing Jamal. Ali and Jamal moved in together shortly after.2001
After his former friends failed at persuading him to rejoin the gang life, Jamal opened up a motorcycle shop with Alison’s help. It wasn’t long, however, before Jamal’s past came back to haunt him. Zach, a friend of Jamal’s from his bike-racing days, attempted to talk Jamal into racing. Jamal declined, but Zach schemed to get him back on the scene by using Alison. When Ali received a delivery of cash to be used in opening up a café next to the bike shop, she assumed it was from her grandmother. Zach alerted Jamal to the fact that he fronted the money for the eatery. Jamal agreed to pay off his debt to Zach by racing, much to Alison’s dismay. Zach informed Jamal that he had to participate one last time — but unbeknownst to Jamal, Zach had tragic plans for his competitor. But Alison found a way to keep Jamal from entering the race — so Jack took his place. He crashed his bike in a ravine and died … only to rise from the dead later as a vampire. Jamal kept the secret and helped Jack by feeding him blood from the hospital. Gabriela, a GH nurse, was also turned into a vampire. When she attempted to bite Jamal, she was unable to do so. Gaby learned that vampires cannot feed off relatives … which led to her discovery that Jamal was her half brother. Later that year, Valerie returned to town after giving her baby up for adoption. This caused tension between Jamal and Alison because it was revealed that Jamal and Val had had a fling before he came to P.C. Jamal then learned that he, not Cedric, was the father of Val’s baby.

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