Winsor's Web

Sure, Thorne’s dad is in a coma, but BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL’s Winsor Harmon is glad to be up and running both onscreen and online.

Soap Opera Weekly: So, should we be worried about poor Eric? Are the Forrester kids worried?
Winsor Harmon: Well, we’ve seen him once (laughs). We’re doing a lot of offcamera visitation. We were laughing about it in a scene the other day. We were like, “My God. He’s been in coma for two days, and we already want to pull the plug!” It was funny.

Weekly: Are you glad to see some conflict centering around the Forresters this summer?
Harmon: Summertime’s always slow for us, and that’s fine with me, because the kids are out of school and I’d rather spend time with my son. But, yeah, it’s fun.

Weekly: A lot of viewers are glad to see Thorne and Felicia doing stuff instead of standing around.
Harmon: I love those two characters together, for some reason. I love working with Lesli (Kay) and we really have great spontaneity. We play off each other, and most of the time we’re not even following the script. There’s a lot of ad-libbing, which is really fun. It’s a shame we’re brother and sister.

Weekly: I’ve often said that. In fact, a coworker once e-mailed me a photo of you with a dark-haired model draped across your lap and said, “Look, it’s Felicia!”
Harmon: (laughs) Yeah, I remember. That was a cast photo from a couple of years ago. That’s very funny.

Weekly: But since Felicia partnered up with Owen, it looks like Thorne is out of luck. What can viewers look forward to?
Harmon: I know that we have some great stuff coming up. I had a conversation with Brad (Bell, executive producer) and he said, “You’re going to be very busy in the fall.” So he’s really building to something explosive.

Weekly: That’s what viewers like to hear — that’s there’s exciting Forrester drama ahead.
Harmon: It’s what the show was built on, and that’s what the people are used to. Our fans are very loyal and they stay loyal.

Weekly: And fans can check out your brand-new Web site,, right?
Harmon: The new web site was launched [July 15]. They did a soft launch and I had to blog at 4 a.m. The company that built it is amazing. They’re called PAID. They did Aerosmith‘s site and Run-D.M.C.‘s. There are all kinds of things that are going to be happening on it, really neat things, instead of just your generic, boring Web site. We have a jewelry line that should be hitting any day now, and ringtones.

Weekly: So you’re getting a kick out of being online?
Harmon: I never got into it before, but when the company approached me about it, and I had a meeting with them, they showed me some things that they could do. I was like, “Wow! That’s cool!” I’ve never really had a site before. I don’t have a MySpace. I don’t like them. I don’t like the fact that anybody on the planet can just contact you.

Weekly: It can be a little creepy, but with your own Web site…
Harmon: I have people monitoring it.

Weekly: It’s very cool-looking. I love the logo.
Harmon: I designed it! The fleur-de-lis is like my trademark…and the yellow rose of Texas.