Winsor Harmon's Summer

Between THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL’s hiatus and his slower storyline, Winsor Harmon (Thorne) has a bit of time on his hands. Luckily, the show’s kept him busy with some working vacations, and when he’s at home, he’s got a top-notch entertainment system — Winsor “Sonny” Harmon III.

“I’m enjoying my little boy now,” raves the proud papa. “He’s at the age where he’s a sponge. He’s 2, but he’s a little advanced. I taught him to swim. The kid jumps off the Jacuzzi! We just got him potty-trained; very impressive.”

When Dad’s not being entertained, he’s lounging by the pool with his wife, DeAnna, or working on the house. “I’m getting back into architecture,” Harmon reveals. “I’m starting to design more stuff for my home and do it myself.”

But all that came to a halt in the last week of June when Harmon hit the 45th Monte Carlo Television Festival in Monaco with his pal Ronn Moss (Ridge). “It was unbelievable,” laughs Harmon. “We’ve always wanted to travel together and we had fun. Let’s just say we left when the sun was up and we went back in when the sun was coming up. It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip. The highlight was Prince Albert walking up and saying, ‘Hello, Ronn. Hello, Winsor.’ He knew our freaking names! It’s just mind-blowing over there.”

The two worked the festival, getting laughs when they presented during the awards ceremony and later hitting the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES premiere party (that series just started airing in Monaco). But they also took in the local attractions. “We went to the Monte Carlo Beach Club and to the casinos,” Harmon recounts. “We shot over to San Marino for the day, where they opened a place up just to prepare lunch, because ‘Ridge and Thorne were in Italy.’ We got to have lunch in Eze at Chateau de la Chevre d’Or (Castle of the Golden Goat), the No. 3-ranked restaurant in the world, which is on top of the village. The food was incredible.”

His belly full, Harmon still wasn’t ready to go home. He hopped a plane to the KLFY-TV Acadiana Women’s Expo in Lafayette, La. “Wild as hell,” he howls. “I’m from Crowley, [La.,] and that’s Cajun. Jamie Bergeron, who is a very talented singer, has a great band (The Kickin’ Cajuns) of Zydeco music, and I got up with him on stage, ’cause I know some of the songs.”

What could make this summer break any better? “I’ve got two weeks left!” he crows.