Wildfires Affect West Coast Actors

Lyndsy Fonseca (Colleen) was forced to leave work early when her family got word to evacuate. “It was right on the other side of our hill and we got a recommended evacuation,” states Fonseca of the nightmare. “We didn’t want to have to wait until it was mandatory and just grab a couple things and leave. It’s scary packing up your home thinking you might not ever come back again. My parents put so much into that house. For it to go up in flames would be … luckily the winds blew it in another direction.”The effects of the blazes reached far beyond state lines. David Lago (Raul) and Thad Luckinbill (J.T.) were stranded in Texas after a weekend of public appearances. “Everything was screwed up,” relates Lago. “We got to the airport. They canceled our flight. They put us on another flight an hour later. They canceled that one. It kept going and going. We were there about six hours. They put us up in another hotel, put us on another flight for the next day, called the next morning, canceled the flight, put me on another flight, canceled that one. We switched airlines, got an a flight, and that was postponed three hours.””It was harsh,” echoed Luckinbill. “We were lucky to make it to work in time to tape anything. We got in with a once scene standby.” “I was literally shaving with my electric razor as I was getting my hair done,” adds Lago. “But that’s nothing compared the devastation. We saw the fires from the plane coming in. It looked like hell on earth.”At the time, Bobbie Eakes (Krystal, AMC; ex-Macy, B&B) had a California home in Lake Arrowhead, but was stuck in Rome with her husband. “We didn’t know what was going on,” she sighed. “We kept watching CNN for news, but it didn’t really tell us anything as far as our own place. All I know is that everyone in our our area were evacuated. We have no idea if our house has burned to the ground or not. But what can you do? We’re insured, so nothing is irreplaceable.”

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