Whoa, Mama

The Young and the Restless‘s Jeanne Cooper (Katherine) is back in the Genoa City spotlight and oh, mama, is she loving it!
“It’s been insanity since I got popped with the fact that I’m Jill’s mom,” laughs Cooper, in character as Katherine, who was floored — literally — by a stroke when she heard the news.

“It’s the best story idea they’ve had in years,” raves Cooper. “Here’s a woman who’s completely stripped of her socialite standing, in a sense, but the real issue goes far deeper than that. Everyone in Genoa City [will have to] step back and figure out where their lives are at, in the midst of all this, from John to the kids. Who’s related to whom?
“What I love is that the audience got so involved,” continues Cooper. “It’s totally amazing how personal this has become. Everyone is saying, ‘I told you so!’ It’s like it’s happened to them. We picked up three [ratings] points in a deadly season, because these are the kind of things that people want to see.”

There is one down side, however. “We are so warped from shooting all the aftermath,” sighs Cooper. “Everyone is dragging ass, going, ‘Man, let’s get into a happy mood here.’ It’s highly emotional stuff and it’s popping!”