When Animals Attack

Pamela siccing a grizzly on Donna recently wasn’t the first time a B&B loon resorted to beastly behavior. Digest looks back at these close encounters of the animal kind.
Dog Gone It!
In 1993, Sheila set her sights on Eric, who was in a middle of a paternity puzzle with his son Ridge over which fella fathered Brooke’s baby, Bridget. Since Eric promised to marry Sheila if he didn’t turn out to be the proud papa, she schemed to rig the paternity test to her advantage. To gain access to the blood specimens, Sheila flirted with, and vamped Mike, the hapless lab security guard. But after Sheila messed around with the test tubes, Mike figured out that he had been played and threatened to expose her. To neutralize him, Sheila unleashed a snarling Doberman that leaped into an elevator with Mike just as the doors closed. Assured he had been made into mincemeat, Sheila was quite surprised when the elevator doors opened and Mike was petting the docile canine. Sheila had no choice but to take on Mike as her partner in crime.
Snake vs. Snake
In 2000, Ridge’s ex-girlfriend Morgan was determined to pregnant by him, so she duped Ridge into believing that his out-of-town wife, Taylor, had sent an e-mail giving her consent to make Morgan’s maternal dream come true. Once the deed was done, Ridge was horrified to learn that Taylor never sent the missive. Of course, Morgan ended up pregnant. She agreed with Ridge to keep his wife in the dark. Morgan confided everything to Clarke, who volunteered to pose as the daddy. However, when Clarke started hinting to Ridge about knowing who was the real father of her baby, Morgan decided to take drastic action. While Clarke was napping in his office, Morgan guided in a huge python that proceeded to coil itself around the sleeping designer. Luckily, Clarke was freed just before he was crushed to death.
Jaws Of Life
In 2001, Ridge and Taylor separated after she found out that he’d knocked up Morgan. Later, when the baby was stillborn (due to the mother taking a bad fall after arguing with Taylor), Morgan became emotionally unhinged. Ridge and Taylor reconciled, then took their family to St. Thomas (where he’d first proposed) so they could renew their vows. But while taking a ferry during a storm, Mr. and Mrs. Forrester panicked when one of their toddler twin daughters, Steffy, suddenly disappeared. A child’s shredded life jacket was later recovered from the ocean and Steffy was believed killed by sharks. It was later discovered that the tot’s grisly demise was just a big ol’ fish story — Morgan had arranged to have Steffy kidnapped and staged her death. The little girl was rescued and returned home.
Oh, Bee-Have!
In 2002, Sheila was a fugitive hiding out from the law when she secretly returned to L.A. to retrieve her runaway daughter, Erica. Sheila changed her plans when she decided that Erica would make a perfect wife for Rick Forrester. He was already married to Amber, which was a problem, but the couple had hit a rough patch due to her pill addiction. Sheila employed hunky Lance to drug Amber, then made it look like they’d spent the night together. But when Lance later blackmailed Sheila for $100,000, she decided to get him out of town — in a body bag. Knowing Lance was deathly allergic to bees, Sheila planted a nest of them in his bedroom, where he was promptly stung to death.
First Odor Of Business
On a more humorous note, after Darla left Spectra Fashions in 2003, Sally hired her daffy pal, Gladys, to fill in as the receptionist. On her first day at work, Gladys brought her beloved pet, Petunia, to the office. Sally was surprised to discover that Petunia was a skunk, which nestled down on an expensive designer gown. When Sally and Gladys tried to get the animal to vacate her resting place, Petunia sprayed her evictors, which left them fuming.

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