What's In A Name?

We checked out the meanings of the first names of B&B’s characters to see how well they match their monikers. Bridget
Origin: Irish
Meaning: Exalted, Lofty
Does It Fit? Yes, but…. Bridget often takes the high road in situations but she seems to have taken a recent U-turn. Once a compassionate doctor, she is now designing clothes for the vain and wealthy.
Origin: English
Meaning: Small Stream
Does It Fit? Pretty much. Since she’s quick to react with her heart, Brooke doesn’t fit the still waters bill. And when it comes to Ridge, she certainly knows how to babble.
Dominick (Nick)
Origin: Latin and English
Meaning: Lord
Does It Fit? Hmmm…. With a mother who is obsessed with his life, it’s hard to say if Nick is lord of his own manor. But he’ll take any chance to lord anything over his half brother Ridge.
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Lady, Woman.
Does It Fit? Yep and whatta woman! But Stephanie would beg to differ if Donna is a lady.
Origin: Scandinavian
Meaning: Always Ruler.
Does It Fit? A royal yes. As the polished family patriarch and founder of Forrester Creations, Eric knows how to rule the roost. But sometimes his benevolent nature leaves him vulnerable to revolts within his own kingdom as well as enemy attacks.
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Happiness
Does It Fit? Not really. After that battle with cancer, Felicia is thankful to be alive but she’s definitely not a happy camper at Forrester or with her seemingly dateless love life.
Jacqueline (Jackie)
Origin: English
Meaning: Supplanter
Does It Fit? Sure does! Jackie has taken the place of Sally Spectra in competing against Forrester for fashion supremacy.
Origin: English
Meaning: Pure
Does It Fit? Eh… up until her heart transplant, Katie fit the bill but sleeping with her niece’s fiancé was very naughty, naughty.
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Warlike.
Does It Fit? At times. Generally, Marcus likes to keep the peace but he’s proven to be a fighter when necessary. He doesn’t hesitate to go on the attack if he’s provoked (Rick stealing Steffy) or his family is threatened.
Origin: Welsch
Meaning: Young Warrior
Does It Fit? Anyone who can go up against Stephanie and can still walk deserves this name.
Origin: English
Meaning: All Honey
Does It Fit? Bingo! Pam started off very sweet but found herself in a very sticky situation while terrorizing Donna (Pam even poured honey all over Donna in hopes of turning her into a bear snack). Pam was never charged with any crime and is now a busy worker bee at Forrester.
Origin: English
Meaning: Brave Ruler
Does It Fit? That’s iffy. As president of Forrester Creations, Rick has acted more like a tyrant. Selling out his dad to Jackie M couldn’t be classify as particularly courageous but we have to admire his moxie for trying to get ahead.
Origin: English
Meaning: Quite literally, a ridge.
Does It Fit? Sure. The terms defines a long, narrow edge, angle or crest. One look at those cheekbones answers that but Ridge’s anger with Rick is going to send him over the edge.
Origin: English
Meaning: A diminutive form of Stephanie
Does It Fit? Time will tell. Since she’s named after her fierce granny (see below), it remains to be seen if Steffy is following in her footsteps. But this girl does have spunk as she defies her family to be with the man she loves.
Origin: French
Meaning: Crown
Does It Fit? You bet’cha! Oh, yeah. Stephanie is without a doubt the queen, ready to roll over whoever or whatever gets in her way or poses a threat to her loved ones.
Origin: English
Meaning: Tailor
Does it Fit: It fits. A tailor is a a person who makes, mend or alter clothes. Taylor makes time for people and tries to mend their problems but she’s been known to slip into an altered state by hitting the bottle.
Origin: English
Meaning: From The Thorn Bush
Does It Fit? A strange meaning but appropriate. Thorne has spent his whole life maneuvering prickly situations but being passed over once again to helm Forrester was a stab in the heart.

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