Welcome Back, Billy Warlock

Soap Opera Weekly: Is it hard not knowing where Frankie’s story is headed?
Billy Warlock: I wish I knew what I was going to do. I’m sitting down every time I get a script and writing down sub-text and back story for my character. I’m trying to figure out why Frankie is so concerned about Max and what Max is up to? Why is Frankie back in Salem? I’d like to think that there’s a bigger reason [than what we’re seeing now]. But I don’t know what it is.

Weekly: Have you asked anyone for a clue?
Warlock: My first day back, Frankie was really hard on his brother. I asked one of the producers, “Is there something I should know?” He said, “Not yet.” So I’m adding salt and pepper, when I show up each day. I’m taking it one day at a time until they’re ready to unfold the mystery.

Weekly: Speaking of your TV brother, Darin Brooks, what do you think of him?
Warlock: He has a great attitude, and that’s the thing that I was most interested in. He works hard. He looks happy. He’s excited about being there. He wants to work. He’s a great kid with great energy. He’s a good looking kid, too. He’s got it going on. I looked at him and went, “Okay. If the kid can act, he’s going to be huge!” I get to work with him. That sucks. Who wants to be in a two shot with a guy who’s absolutely…It’s like working with Antonio Sabato Jr. (He laughs.) Let the chicks work with him.

Weekly: Frankie’s a lawyer now. Is the prospect of having to spit out legal jargon daunting?
Warlock: I haven’t had to do much of that, yet. Well, I did have one thing. Someone asked me, “What kind of law do you practice.” I had to say, “My firm takes on jobs like identity theft, mail fraud, Internet scams…Of course, I muffed it up. Frankie always had a tendency to speak a little bit more street with “dems” and “dose” than to be the articulate one. I hope they don’t make me do much [legal talk]. I’ll have a hard time. I don’t have a strong command of the English language as it is.

Weekly: What’s it like working with Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) again, after all these years?
Warlock: It’s great to see Missy again and work with her. Missy and I always dug each other. We always got along. We always enjoyed each other. We always respected each other. As far as females go, she’s the one that I’ve enjoyed working with more than anyone. She’s a hoot. I don’t think she has a bad attitude gene in here. She’s the happiest person you’ll ever meet. She’s got a lot of positive, fun energy and it permeates through every scene you do with her.

Weekly: Is it at all difficult working on the same show as your ex-fiancèe, Julie Pinson (Billie)?
Warlock: No. There’s absolutely no problem. It’s great. I was the first person to call and congratulate Julie, when she got DAYS. Julie and I are close. We remain very good friends.

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