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Weekly: You had a say in how she’d be played?

McKinsey: Sure. They didn’t give me very many details at all. I had gone to Mark (Teschner, GH’s casting director) when I first came out here and said, “If you ever have anything short-term, I’d like to do it just to maintain my medical insurance,” and he never did call me. But Claire Labine wrote this character and requested me, and I was grateful for it.Weekly: Now Claire is at GL, along with Paul Rauch, with whom you worked on AW. They can’t entice you to return?

McKinsey: No. They’ve tried. I got two offers for a job this week. I won’t tell you where. My lawyer called me and said, “I think I know the answer to this, but I have to run it by you….” I said,”Oh, yeah, you know the answer.”Weekly: Have you been watching GL?
McKinsey: No, I never watched it. Not one time.Weekly: With whom do you keep in touch?

McKinsey: Jay (Hammer, ex-Fletcher Reade) and Grant (Aleksander, Phillip) and Vincent (Irizarry, ex-Lujack/Nick Spaulding; now All My Children’s David) and Mikey O’Leary (Rick). That keeps me pretty much up on the news. Jay has all the news even though he’s not there anymore.Weekly: Favorite memory?
McKinsey: I don’t really have a favorite memory. I have some favorite storylines. I loved the island storyline that I did with Jay. I liked working a lot with certain actors. But in terms of a favorite memory, I don’t have one.Weekly: How did Michael Zaslow’s (ex-Roger) death affect you?

McKinsey: It was very sad that it happened. Nobody should ever have a disease like that. But Michael and I were not friends. We never enjoyed working together and we didn’t get along. The second time they put us together, we got along better, because I confronted him. I said, “They’re putting us back together, so obviously we were doing something right, so we’ve got to figure out a way to get along better.” Just the fact that I said it to him seemed to make all the difference in the world. But the first time around, oooh. It either works for the person or it doesn’t, and when it doesn’t, it’s murder.This article was originally published in Nov. 7, 2000 issue of Soap Opera Weekly as part of the feature “10 Most Wanted — Catching up with the stars we’d most like to see back on daytime”.

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