Vintage GUIDING LIGHT Weddings Gallery Page 2

Stranded on a desert island after a plane crash in 1979, manipulative Alan fell for sweet Hope, the daughter of his rival, Mike. The two married in Bert Bauer’s back yard the following year.

Morgan was convinced that handsome Kelly could never fall for an “ugly duckling” like her — especially once scheming sexpot Nola sunk her claws into him. But Kelly’s heart was always with Morgan, and the two married at Laurel Falls.

Ross was an ambitious and greedy lawyer until he met Spaulding Enterprises’s newest graphic artist, Carrie, in 1981. Their romance hit a bump when Diane Ballard was murdered and Carrie had an awful lot of connections to the dead woman. Carrie disappeared, but Ross located her and defended her at trial. She was found not guilty, and the two got hitched.