Viki Victorious!

1. Who was the first actress to portray Viki?
A) Judith Light
B) Erika Slezak
C) Gillian Spencer
D) Trish Van Devere

2. Which occupation has Viki not held?
A) Hospital board member
B) Mayor
C) Television producer
D) Publisher

3. Which of Viki’s future husbands did her first husband, Joe, introduce her to?
A) Clint Buchanan
B) Sloan Carpenter
C) Steve Burke
D) Ben Davidson

4. Which one of the following isn’t one of Viki’s alters?
A) Tommy, the angry boy
B) Tori, the evil version of Viki
C) Victor Lord
D) Micki, a female version of Mitch Laurence

5. What humiliating event did Viki endure at The Banner‘s 50th Anniversary Gala?
A) Her alter, Niki Smith, emerged and tried to seduce Bo by dancing on a tabletop.
B) Tina placed copies of the letter where Victor admitted to being the father of Irene Manning’s child in the programs.
C) Still wheelchair-bound after being paralyzed in an accident, she was mocked by Dorian.
D) Viki and Dorian got into a huge catfight, prompting Dorian to dunk Viki’s head in the punch.

6. Where did Viki give birth to Jessica?
A) In the cave where she and Clint were taking refuge from a blizzard.
B) In the cabin where she and Clint were taking refuge from a blizzard.
C) In the hospital.
D) In Victor’s secret room.

7. Which of these adventures did Viki not experience?
A) Getting trapped underground in the lost city of Eterna.
B) Traveling to the future, where she got to see what her grandkids would be like.
C) Visiting heaven.
D) Traveling back in time to 1888 and visiting the Wild West.

8. Which of the following ailments has Viki not suffered?
A) Cancer
B) Stroke
C) Heart attack
D) Deafness

9. Which one of Viki’s alters took Dorian prisoner?
A) Jean
B) Niki
C) A Tori
D) A Princess

10. What disco song did Viki perform when she won a karaoke contest at Crossroads?
A) “Hot Stuff”
B) “I Will Survive”
C) A “It’s Raining Men”
D) “Stayin’ Alive”

11. What made Viki get off the plane that ultimately crashed after takeoff and killed Dorian’s husband, Mel?
A) Jessica was injured and had been rushed to the hospital.
B) She forgot her passport.
C) Dorian tried to get Mel off the plane (and away from Viki) by sending him a note saying that there was a family emergency … which was mistakenly given to Viki.
D) She was kidnapped by Mitch Laurence.

12. What prevented Viki from marrying Clint for the third time?
A) Ben proposed before Clint got a chance to ask.
B) Clint wed Lindsay.
C) Clint was kidnapped by Carlo.
D) She learned that the man wasn’t actually Clint, but an impostor, Cliff.

13. Which one of these men did Viki actually kill?
A) Johnny Dee
B) Ben
C) Victor
D) Mitch

14. In Rae’s “Switching Places” fantasy, who did Viki swap places with?
A) Dorian
B) Jessica
C) Todd
D) Ben

15. Where haven’t Viki and Dorian been trapped together?
A) Victor’s secret room
B) A cave
C) Eterna
D) A cellar

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