Victor Victorious


1. What is Victor’s birth name?
2. Who did Victor imprison in his basement dungeon in 1981, and why?
3. Which woman from Victor’s past jilted him on their wedding day?
4. In 1983, Victor discovered that Eve Howard was poisoning him when his faithful dog ingested some of his dinner. Name the pooch.
5. Name the two Hollywood screen legends who played Victor’s biological parents. 6. In 1984, what medical malady almost kept Victor from marrying Nikki?
7. In 1986, when Victor was at Ashley’s side, who did he want to be with Nikki?
8. What did Victor give Ashley for Christmas in 1987? (Hint: It’s jewelry!)
9. In 1988, Ruthless: The Story of Victor Newman, was published. Who was the author? (Add one bonus point if you know her pen name.)
10. What did Victor offer Jack in exchange for him divorcing Nikki in 1990?
11. What costume did Victor wear to the masquerade ball in 1991? (Hint: Think Russell Crowe.)
12. To break up Victoria and Ryan, who did Victor choose to court his daughter? (Add one bonus point if you can name the actor, now a movie star, who played him.)
13. In 1993, when Genoa City believed that Victor had perished in a car crash, he gathered both friends and enemies to spill the beans that he was alive. Where was his gathering place of choice?
14. In what state did Victor meet future wife Hope as she tended to her farm?
15. In 1995, Victor came to son Nicholas’s aid in prison when Nick was being attacked by a fellow inmate. Name his assailant. (Add one bonus point if you know his prison nickname.)
16. Who shot Victor in 1996?
17. Where did Victor propose to Diane in 1997?
18. Where did Victor and Nicholas travel to see Victor’s dying father, Albert, in 2003?
19. How many biological children does Victor have? (Add one bonus point if you can name all of them.)
20. This year, how much was Victor’s first offer to Jack as a financial settlement in the Safra bribery scandal, which Jack turned down?

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