Catch an 11-hour marathon of VERONICA MARS on Sunday, April 15, beginning at 8 a.m. on SOAPnet.The series, which starred Kristen Bell as the high school detective, also featured Y&R's Michael Muhney (Adam) as Sheriff Lamb. “It was great!" Muhney enthuses. "It was an educational experience. I think I learned a lot, as I do on any project I am on." His favorite episode? The first one. “In three seasons, the pilot may be my favorite episode of the show, but I had a bunch of stuff that I loved," he says. "The one where the little girl was locked in a closet and my character discovers it and then lets Veronica, who was arrested for it, go unexpectedly on the side of the street. He un-handcuffs her. That was a really cool, interesting episode.” The actor reports that he still gets stopped by VM fans. “I get recognized once every couple of weeks for VERONICA MARS. I probably get recognized daily as Adam. What is fun for me is that people do still stop me for VERONICA MARS. I always expect them to say, 'Hey, Adam' but they say, 'I loved you on VERONICA MARS!' I get a kick out of that because to me, that is old school."