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UPDATE: Y&R’s Jeanne Cooper Back In The Hospital

Corbin Bernsen updated his followers on Facebook yesterday after reporting that mom, Jeanne Cooper (Katherine) had been brought back to the hospital. "Purgatory. Best way I can describe an indescribable day. Waiting... with swings toward the Peace of Heaven and the Fires of Hell and everything in between. And choices. Choices I never wanted to be faced with. Highs and Lows. At one point mom "left the building" - yes, she was gone, only to come back through the front door, kicking and screaming. A Doctor remarked, "I've been in this situation a thousand times before and have NEVER seen this!" The fighter is out of her corner, amazing us all. Okay, enough with descriptive BS... Long story short, rough, rough day. She's back to square one. I don't want to disclose at this point the specific "illness" though I'm sure many of you are curious. But I don't want a thousand comments about that. Not at this point. In time I will share it all. Just know that she is back in critical condition and needs your continued prayers. As for me. Honestly, I'm a bit lost, in this place - this purgatory - of truly being unsure where we are headed or what is best for her. I also toil with my choices and wonder if they are for me, for all of us... or truly for her. I'm in a haze of uncertainty about that and will be reflecting on it this evening, praying for guidance. In my heart, I see future, I see a fight and though I don't know the quality of that future I can't deny the sanctity of life. A tremendous battle raging inside. I wish I could have better news, or simply be more clear, but these words are a reflection of my state of mind. God Bless you all for your kindness here."

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