The Ultimate John Black Quiz

1. How many actors have played John Black?

2. John has had several aliases. Name them.

3. John took his name off a Vietnam War memorial. Where was it?

4. In whose home did John “reside” when he first came to Salem?

5. How much money did Victor offer to pay the person who could deliver “The Pawn” to his door?

6. How many siblings does John have?

7. Who are John’s parents?

8. What was John’s first job in Salem?

9. How did John meet Marlena?

10. Where is John’s phoenix tattoo located?

11. After Marlena “died,” John met his next love, Diana. How?

12. A man came to Salem and warned John that Stefano was on his way to find him. John began having flashbacks and going into a trance whenever he heard one word. What was it?

13. During what special moment in John and Isabella’s relationship did Marlena return from the dead and appear to Roman/John?

14. Where did John/Roman and Marlena discover the REAL Roman alive?

15. John confiscated a satchel from Stefano with three clues to his true identity. What were they?

16. What woman appeared in Salem claiming to be John’s wife?

17. What was the name of the international art thief John was once suspected of being?

18. Who was the janitor who claimed to know John as a child?

19. What terminal illness did John’s wife, Isabella, die of?

20. Where was Belle Black conceived?

21. What revelation caused Kristen to break off her relationship with John?

22. What saved John as he sat in the gas chamber about to be put to death for murdering Tony?

23. During Marlena’s possession by the devil, John received visits and advice from an angel. What was his name?

24. What two (actually, three) baby boys was John wrongly led to believe that he had fathered?

25. What is John and Marlena’s wedding anniversary?


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