Two Reds Are Better Than One

When Soap Opera Weekly: asked ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Melissa Archer (Natalie), what actor from another show she would most like to work with — she didn’t even need to stop to think about it. “Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, YOUNG AND RESTLESS),” she raved. “Oh, my God! I watched Y&R for years, and she’s amazing. I watched it when she first came on the show, and she was a total bitch, psychopath. But we loved her as that. She left the show, and then she comes back with the same attitude, same flair.”Sounds a lot like early Natalie. “But better because she’s still got that Uummph. Like she walks into a room, and she’s got that thing going on. She can do this whole crying/laughing/angry thing in two seconds flat, and it’s so real, it’s so raw, and it’s so amazing. She just doesn’t care. She just lets it go. It’s phenomenal. I don’t know her personally, but I just know from her work she’s great.”Archer even let Stafford know of her desire to work with her, in a roundabout way. She mentioned it to a reporter, who put it in a magazine, which Stafford read. “I got this letter from her. I was so excited. But I never wrote her back, because I didn’t really know what to say. She said when she’s in New York or I’m in L.A. we could meet up.” Or maybe they could be co-stars one day. “We are both redheads. We could actually play family members or something. So that would be cool. ‘Could Phyllis come to ONE LIFE TO LIVE, please?'”