Tuesday Fast Five With Jennifer Gareis

Credit: Gilles Toucas/Courtesy Of Bell-Phillip Television Inc

Jennifer Gareis (Donna, B&B) answers Digest’s five burning questions!

What was the last thing you baked? 

“Brownies, for the kids for dessert.”

What city do you want to visit but haven’t yet? 

“I would like to visit Chicago. That’s where a lot of the writers are from and I’ve always heard it’s so amazing. I’ve heard it’s like the clean New York.”

What do you find you’re always running out of? 

“Milk. We’re big milk drinkers, all of us. Ever since I got pregnant, I’ll have four glasses in a day.”

What’s the last thing you did on date night? 

“We went to Mr. C Hotel [in Beverly Hills], which is where we go often. It’s the hotel [her husband, Bobby] actually renovated. They have this great Italian restaurant and we love it there. But I have to be well-behaved in front of everyone; that’s the only problem [laughs].”

What’s the last movie you saw?