Tuesday Fast Five With Bryan R. Dattilo

Bryan R Dattilo

Credit: JPI

Bryan R. Dattilo (Lucas, DAYS)  answers Digest’s five burning questions!

What has made you smile this year?

“My daughter Delila [2] makes me smile every morning. It also made me smile that my son [Gabe, 16] didn’t have to go to summer school. He’s starting his junior year in high school this fall and that made me smile, too.”

What product are you always running out of?

“My whitening toothpaste, which I use too much of.”

What age are you looking forward to turning?

“63. I’m taking my Social Security early.”

What celebrity have you met that left you awestruck?

“William Shatner. I met him recently at an event. Before I met him, he tweeted a picture of me superimposed on Wonder Woman’s body and called me Wonder Man. I had to thank him because it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Your cast is having a potluck dinner. What dish would you bring to impress your co-stars?

“I’m a dip guy, so I’d bring my French onion or avocado dip.”