Trevor St. John Hits The Stage

Soap Opera Digest: So how are you enjoying this run?

Trevor St. John: It’s great fun. It’s totally different from Todd and I’m having a good time doing it.

Digest: What is the character like?
St. John: In those times, they called him a “dandy.” Now, I guess they call it a metrosexual. He’s a guy who is really concerned about his appearance and wears really nice clothes. But then he’s kind of a sophisticate and elegant, a womanizer and yet he’s in love with one person. He’s the smartest guy in town; he’s the smoothest guy in town and it turns out that even though everyone thinks he’s the most immoral, he turns out to be the most moral guy and kind of the hero.

Digest: Do you do a British accent for the character?
St. John: Yeah, I do a full British accent. I did one before in an independent movie called The King’s Guard, years ago, so I was a little rusty, but it came back to me and it’s one of the things that people are appreciating, that it’s a pretty good accent. They brought a dialect coach in for everybody and we worked really specifically, sometimes line-by-line, to make sure it all sounds good. It’s an upper-class accent, and upper class now is different than upper class 110 years ago.
Digest: How often are you doing the play?
St. John: Monday through Saturday. I have been busy.

Digest: I assume ONE LIFE has been accommodating because you’re on front-burner there, as well.
St. John: They are very accommodating. [OLTL Executive Producer] Frank Valentini is very accommodating about making sure I am out at a certain time so I can make sure I could get to the theater on time.

Digest: Is this your first time back on stage since coming to New York?
St. John: Actually, it’s the second. I did a one-act play when I first came to town. But legitimately, yeah, I guess I’d call this the first. Even though it’s off-off-Broadway, it’s still a legitimate thing.

Digest: I’d imagine it feels good to get back up there. I know your background is in theater.
St. John: Yeah, it feels terrific. I really feel at home there. I feel just at home doing camera work, but it’s exciting and makes me feel like a real artist, I guess.
Digest: Does this role help you bring something back to your role as Todd?
St. John: It feels like so much tension builds up having to play the same part for two and a half years, you get kind of stir-crazy in a way, and frankly a little bored sometimes. So, this gives you a release of tension so you can go back and have a little more fun with the other part.

Digest: Does this have you looking forward to your next theater project?
St. John: Yeah, it does. I’d love to do more theater.

An Ideal Husband, presented by Jambalaya Productions and Urban Island Theatre Group at the American Theatre of Actors, 314 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019. The play runs through September 17. For reservations call: (212) 769-8465.