Top Five Reasons Why Y&R's Nina Should Stay in Genoa City

After nearly an eight-year absence, Tricia Cast returned to YOUNG AND RESTLESS as Nina in 2008, but the actress has only appeared on a recurring basis. Here are five reasons why Cast should get a contract and remain as Nina on a full-time basis:•Nina has great chemistry with Paul. It’s time these two popular vets find happiness together (at least for a while!).

•Nina can push Jill’s buttons like no one else! With Jill and Katherine getting along better these days, we need more Nina/Jill confrontations.

•Nina is connected to so many people in Genoa City, and her sons hook her into the next generation.

•It’d be fantastic to find out more about Nina’s past. Who is Nina’s real father? Does Nina have any other siblings that she knows nothing about?

•Cast earned a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series in 1992. Why? She’s a genuinely talented actress!

And in case you need a refresher course, here’s a timeline of Nina’s memorable moments.

1986: Christine befriends Nina, a pregnant teen runaway whose baby boy was stolen by Rose DeVille. Cast was scheduled for three episodes, but co-creator and head writer William J. Bell was so impressed by the actress’ performance that he quickly brought the character back and signed Cast to a contract.

1987: Nina seduced Christine’s boyfriend, Phillip Chancellor II, and got pregnant by him.

1988: Nina gave birth to a second baby boy, Phillip III.

1989: Phillip married Nina. He was later believed to have been killed in an auto accident while driving drunk.

1991: David Kimble romanced Nina, and then planned to kill her and baby Phillip so that he could get his hands on the Chancellor fortune. Nina shot David, but he survived. Nina was charged with attempted murder, but was found not guilty. Later, David died after being caught in a trash compactor.

1992: Nina competed with Victoria Newman for Ryan McNeil’s heart.

1993: Nina and Ryan wed.

1997: Ryan fell in love with Tricia Dennison and divorced Nina.

2000: Nina had a book published and fell in love with Tomas, a fellow writer. Nina accepted Tomas’ wedding proposal, and they planned a move to Los Angeles with Phillip. Soon after this, Nina broke up with Tomas.

2008: Nina returned to Genoa City and had doubts that Cane was Jill’s biological son.

2009: Phillip Chancellor II returned to Genoa City and revealed to Nina, and everyone else, that he staged his death because he didn’t want people to know that he was gay.

2010: Nina was reunited with her first son, Ronan, who worked in the Genoa City police department with her second son, Phillip (now called Chance). She pursued a romance with longtime friend Paul Williams.