Top 10 Catherine Hickland-isms

It’s nearly impossible to have lunch with ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) without walking away with food for thought. A motivational speaker and author, as well as an actress and cosmetics guru, Hickland has a way of infusing pearls of wisdom into every exchange. Based on our outtakes from Soap Opera Digest’s feature interview with Hickland in the February 5 issue, on sale this week, here are 10 provocative takeaways.

1. “Everything that happens with us happens in our heads, so that’s where we have to go to do the adjusting.”
— On the theory behind her upcoming book, Heartbreak Buster: How to Put Down Your Emotional Baggage and Have the Life You Really Want

2. “Life will always confirm to you when you think you know what your purpose is.”
— On knowing she was meant to write her book

3. “We are deep, deep creatures and we think very deeply with our hearts and souls.”
— On the defining essence of women

4. “They’re not really gone; they’re still with us. This is a human suit, that’s it.”
— On the idea of “life” after death

5. “My three favorite words after ‘I love you’ are, ‘And so what?’ Really, if it’s not a death in the family, for crying out loud, and so what? You’re going to get past it.”

6. “We scare ourselves to death thinking about what’s going to happen next week, and that’s not a fun way to walk around. We’re the great illusion-builders, human beings, and so if we can learn to stop doing that, then we can really be and enjoy, and we can also be there not only for ourselves, but for others.”
— On living in the moment

7. “Everybody needs to simplify if they want to find their peace.”
— On trying to juggle her acting career, Cat Cosmetics and her writing

8. “Until we take responsibility, there is no growing.”
— On her philosophy that we contribute to our own heartache

9. “Everything starts in the mind, so if you think about your ideal body weight and your ideal face and you take care of yourself, I believe you can control a lot of aging with your mind.”
— On striving to look the same at 90

10. “Sometimes, we just have to let things go. We have to let people go, maybe not forever, but when you see that someone isn’t going to be able to rise to what you aspire the relationship to be, you have to let them go.”

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