Too Much

Katie Stuart (Sage) is nothing like her alter ego on GH — either of them, actually. This fun-loving actress loves to laugh at herself (and her crazy character) and is simply enjoying her time on the show … while being a typical college student. Read on!Soap Opera Digest: Many fans know that you were actually on GH first as Cindy, the girl who accused Ned of rape.

Katie Stuart: Yes, that was back in August [2003]. I got that role because I knew [Head Writer] Chuck Pratt. I didn’t even audition for it.Digest: You know Pratt from when he wrote for the prime-time series TITANS. What was your role on the show?

Stuart: I played a girl named Faith, who was pretty much like Sage [laughs], the temptress, bad girl.Digest: While you were Cindy, there was someone else playing Sage.

Stuart: [Eileen Boylan] originally played Sage. Her first episode was my last episode as Cindy. We were actually in the same scene together; it was really funny. She was holding a gun on Alexis in a courtroom, and Cindy was testifying in the trial against Alexis.Digest: How did you get the role of Sage?
Stuart: The first actress left, and [GH] asked me to stay.Digest: Were you told for how long?

Stuart: They just said it was a heavy recurring role. They were like [jokingly], “We don’t know how long you’re going to be on for. You could have a great job for 40 years, or we could be done with you in a month [laughs].”Digest: Was it hard to switch characters so quickly?

Stuart: For me it wasn’t because I could relate to each character. As far as the acting goes, it was a pretty easy transition. But it’s always kind of a weird thing when one day you’re seen with light hair as a random character and the next day you’re [playing] someone’s relative with dark hair. I guess there could be an identity problem.

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