Time for Téa

Téa Delgado is heading back to Llanview this December. Here’s the 411 on her ONE LIFE TO LIVE history.

January 1997
Téa comes to Llanview, at the request of Carlotta Vega, to represent her son Antonio against the murder of Carlo Hesser.

February 1997
Téa begins a brief relationship with Kevin Buchanan, which ends due to Kevin’s relationship with Cassie Carpenter.

July 1997
Todd offers Téa $5 million to marry him and be his attorney in his custody battle against Blair.

October 1997
Todd wins the custody battle when Téa shows up in court badly bruised, thanks to an angry Blair pushing her out of a second- story window.

February 1998
Todd and Téa develop real feelings for each other, but then Todd pushes Téa away and into the arms of Andrew Carpenter. Téa asks Todd for a divorce, but Todd refuses and persuades her to agree to a trial reconciliation.

June 1998
After becoming a suspect in the murder of Georgie Phillips, Todd holds everyone, including Téa, hostage at the Buchanan Lodge. Once the true killer, Rachel Gannon, is revealed, Todd takes off to avoid the police and Téa follows him. Todd grabs Téa and takes her to the garden shed at Llanfair. They have an angry confrontation, during which Todd hits Téa and ties her up. Téa persuades Todd to untie her and turns the tables by knocking him out with a shovel and having him arrested.

November 1998
Todd pretends to have a split personality disorder, and Téa is torn between her desire to help Todd and not wanting to get pulled into a relationship with him again. Todd and Téa decide to remarry, but the marriage ends at the reception, when Todd’s secret — he lied about the split personality — is uncovered. Todd quickly leaves town (and Téa) behind.
Sept. 1999
Téa starts seeing RJ Gannon after a fling with John Sykes.

March 2000
Bad things have been happening to RJ, and the guilty party turns out to be none other than Todd, who was jealous of his ex-wife’s relationship. Todd has his daughter, Starr, give Téa a note that says to meet him in Viki’s mountain cabin, where Todd persuades Téa to leave town and run away with him on the spot. Todd later returns to Llanview, stating that Téa left him.

May 2002
Téa shows up again, just in time to warn Blair of Todd’s plan to kidnap Starr and Jack while on a vacation in Hawaii. Todd and Téa wind up shipwrecked on a deserted island with Todd’s bodyguard Ross, after Todd’s plan to kidnap his children went wrong. Téa and Ross share an attraction and a passionate kiss before she realizes her love for Todd. Todd and Téa declare their love for each other and briefly reunite, before Téa realizes that Todd still has feelings for Blair. Todd leaves her and Ross on the island to go back to Blair in Llanview. Téa and Ross are later rescued, but once again, Téa leaves Llanview behind.

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