Tidings Of Comfort And Oy!

After finally tying the knot in 1984, Billy (Jordan Clarke) and Vanessa (Maeve Kinkead) welcomed their son, Harlan Billy Lewis III (now known as Bill), later that year. Christmas was extra special because the proud parents were able to bring the newborn home on Christmas Day.

For years, Holly (Maureen Garrett) was tormented by Roger (Michael Zaslow) and had tried to sever all ties with him. But when Roger was shot, he crawled away from the scene and Holly found him hiding in her basement on Christmas Eve, 1993. Holly felt compassion for her former husband, and while the rest of the town believed that Roger was dead, Holly nursed him back to health. The two grew closer and Holly revealed that she wanted Roger in her life.

Christmas was a memorable time for Jenna. In 1992, she was devastated to discover that Henry Chamberlin was not her father as she had been led to believe. Coop was born in 1994, and two years later, Jenna, who had run away from Springfield, returned to town and announced the birth of her son, although Buzz (Justin Deas) was still unaware that he was the boy’s dad.

A car bomb explosion left Mallet (Mark Derwin) paralyzed. He feared that the accident had also left him sterile, so he tried to break up with his girlfriend, Harley (Beth Ehlers). She vowed to stay with him no matter what. After months of physical therapy, Mallet regained the use of his legs and the two got engaged during the 1992 holiday season.

In 2000, the Lemays’ Christmas tree caught fire. Beth, Susan and Lizzie escaped unharmed. Jim (Anthony Addabbo) fought the blaze to save baby James, and although he was able to toss the tot safely out the window, he himself could not get out in time and perished.