Their Kelly Girl

1995: Booted from boarding school in Paris, the daughter of Melinda (and a never-revealed father) moved to Llanview to live with cousin Cassie and her husband, Andrew, but when she needed more freedom, she switched homes to live with her (relatively) more liberal Aunt Dorian. Despite her European experience, Kelly was pretty innocent, particularly with men. In Llanview, her new tutor — classmate Joey — fell hard for her. But Kelly’s attention was drawn to the older man in the house: David, who was stuck in a loveless marriage with Dorian. David, happy to relieve Kelly of her virginity, went to bed with her — but just as they were about to have sex, Dorian (who wanted to catch her husband in an adulterous situation in order to secure a divorce) burst in with a photographer. Humiliated, Kelly ran to Joey’s arms.1996: Again, Kelly tried to get rid of her perceived shackle of virginity by throwing herself at Joey. He turned her down, not wanting to be used, so Kelly wondered if he still had feelings for his last lover — Dorian. (She was proved partially right when she found her aunt and her boyfriend in bed.) Kelly turned to David to make Joey jealous and went with her former step-uncle to a motel, expecting Joey to save her at the last minute. But David moved too quickly for her and, scared, Kelly found a lamp, and whacked him in the head. Thinking she’d killed him, Kelly left what she thought was David’s corpse in the woods and ran back to Joey. But when she took Joey to the spot where she’d left the body, David was gone!

Not for long: The schemer returned from the “dead,” kidnapped Kelly and held her captive on a yacht, expecting Dorian to fork over a big ransom. Alas, David left Kelly alone, handcuffed to a bed, and a fire ignited in the room. This time, Joey arrived in time to save the damsel in distress. At last, Joey and Kellyrecognized their love and headed to Paris, where they had sex for the first time. Phew!!

Their relationship was relatively blissful (despite Joey’s interest in newcomer Olivia), until Dorian tried a little corporate espionage (with Olivia!) on Buchanan Enterprises and urged Kelly to keep her misdeeds from Joey. Kelly reluctlantly agreed and managed to sweet-talk the Buchanans into not prosecuting her aunt.1997: Thanks to Dorian’s manipulation and various nefarious schemes (which she could usually talk Kelly into keeping mum about), Joey became disillusioned with Kelly, and the two nearly split. Instead, they chose to leave town and spend the next semester in Paris. Dorian, however, didn’t want Kelly to quit her job working for Melador Cosmetics as a model, so Kelly agreed to hook up later with Joey. Joey departed and wrote letters to Kelly that were intercepted by his cousin Drew, who’d taken an interest in Kelly. Feeling that Joey had blown her off by not writing to her, she delayed rejoining him — and then her baby niece, Starr, needed a bone marrow transplant after being diagnosed with aplastic anemia. Kelly stayed behind longer to help find the donor. Finally, Joey wrote Kelly a “Dear Jane” letter, saying they were through. Distraught, Kelly jumped in her car, cranked up the radio, and streaked down the road. But the streets were wet, and she had to turn out of the path of an oncoming car, one that had been carrying Patrick and Kelly’s pregnant cousin, Blair. That car crashed, and Blair subsequently lost the child (who would have been a natural marrow donor for Starr). Kelly called 911, but was so tweaked that she sped away from the scene of the accident.But Drew learned the truth soon enough and blackmailed Dorian: He’d tell the police about Kelly if she didn’t do what he wanted. Kelly learned what her beau had been up to, and cut him off. Drew left town and Kelly’s life. She ‘fessed up to her crime, which put her on Blair’s dead-to-me list. When Kelly next found herself immediately in love with billionaire Ian, Blair also decided to extract a little revenge by hooking up with him, too.

Then, Kelly began having bad dreams about when she was a young girl. Ian agreed to come along while she visited her mother, whom she had not seen since she was 8, in an institution in California. Kelly and her mother had a heart-to-heart, and she brought Melinda back to Llanview. Dorian invited her sister to stay in the mansion. Meanwhile, Joey came home, intent on winning Kelly’s heart again.

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