Tari Signor on Crazy Margaret

Soap Opera Weekly: Are you surprised by how twisted Margaret has become?
Tari Signor: Oh, yeah. Some of the stuff actually creeps me out. There are lots of things that she does that really scare me, that make me feel a little uncomfortable. You think, “That’s really sick and something’s really wrong,” but you have to play it and try to make it [work]. Just believe in it.

Weekly: When people recognize you, what do they say?
Signor: I was worried about that. I thought maybe people would say, “Oh, you’re so evil!” But, no, they go, “Oh, God, we can’t wait for you to come back. You’re coming back, right?” And sometimes I can tell people know who I am and are kind of afraid to approach me, like, “I don’t know if that’s who she is.” But most people come up to me and we talk.

Weekly: When Margaret did her Blair impersonation several months back, did you study Kassie DePaiva at all?
Signor: No. I made this choice. I did get to see a video of a show where she was singing. Then we made the decision that Margaret should do a fake accent and really not know the song — like she is being Blair but a really bad version of Blair, like she doesn’t have any idea how to do it.

Weekly: Is it hard to play a character who is so over the top?
Signor: No, it’s much easier to play, because everything that they’ve given me is so bold and so big. When you have to do the more subtle things, that’s more difficult sometimes.

Weekly: What does Margaret see in Todd?
Signor: This is what I assumed: People didn’t really approach her as a younger woman. When Todd came on to her and started to use her for information about Kevin, she just fell for him and that was it. That’s when she started to go a little crazy: “This is the man that I am going to be with the rest of my life.”

Weekly: So you created a backstory for Margaret, explaining why she’s so nutty?
Signor: I just took it from the point where I was involved with the show — she was an accountant for Kevin and seemed like a normal person. She’d never had much male attention; here’s a man who came after her, and that’s it.

Weekly: It seems like a blast playing her.
Signor: It really is. I think most people would love to play Margaret.

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