Talking Turkey With Lauren and Michael

With the Baldwin-Fisher family expanding by the minute, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS’ Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren) and Christian LeBlanc (Michael) have a lot to be thankful for.

Soap Opera Weekly: Michael’s apartment just keeps getting bigger. Poor Kevin used to sleep on the couch, but now there’s room for two grandmas!
Tracey E. Bregman: It’s huge!
Christian LeBlanc: We even have a dining room now.
Bregman: It’s beautiful. We showed up to shoot Thanksgiving and there it was. It was a total surprise. We were jumping up and down. You should have seen us with the producers. We looked like such brownnosers.
LeBlanc: We thought we’d be dining at that coffee table forever. We had an episode where 20 people disappeared into the kitchen and somehow found a dining room, but now we actually have one. It’s one of those mazes. Any door could open to any room.
LeBlanc: We’ve even had a bed scene.
Bregman: Poor Christian had to make sure he didn’t catapult me out of bed.
LeBlanc: It didn’t stay put, so when I sat down….
Bregman: The only problem with our bed scene was that I had on a foam pad the size of this table. It wasn’t as sexy as we had hoped, and then he got a phone call in the middle.

Weekly: Back to Thanksgiving. How was the food?
Bregman: I’m a vegetarian and I was trying desperately to not be ill over the turkey on our plate. I also can’t eat wheat, so I couldn’t have the stuffing. I happened to have some raisins. So I’m trying desperately to look like I’m eating turkey, cutting raisins with my knife, and Greg [Rikaart, Kevin] turned to me and said, “Are those raisins on your plate?”

Weekly: Tracey, what are your plans for Thanksgiving?
Bregman: I’m not only cooking for the whole family, I’m cooking for the homeless, too. I’m making a big pot of mashed potatoes for the homeless and will serve while I have everything in the oven [at home]. It’s beautiful.