Talking With DAYS's Darin Brooks

Since Darin Brooks joined DAYS OF OUR LIVES in 2005, Max Brady has had his share of love interests: Chelsea, Abby, Mimi and new love Stephanie. Yet he’s never had a truly meaty storyline to sink his teeth into, until now: the return of the abusive father who gave Max away as a child. So far, it’s been everything Brooks had hoped for, and then some.Soap Opera Weekly: Was this a storyline you were anxious to explore?

Darin Brooks: Totally! For the past three years I’ve been waiting for it.

Weekly: What are you most excited about?

Brooks: It’s a very emotional and meaty story. [The writers] can go into a lot of depth, because there is not a lot that’s been [revealed] about Max and his past. Why is he the way he is today? Why was he mute as a kid, and all that stuff. We can delve into all those topics.

Weekly: What was your reaction when you learned veteran daytime star Roscoe Born (Trent) had been cast as your dad?

Brooks: I actually didn’t know until a couple of days before he started. The producers were kind of keeping it under wraps. Ed Scott (co-executive producer), Noel Maxam (supervising producer) and Kathy Foster (director) kept coming up to me, going, “So, are you excited? You know who your father is going to be, right?” I’d say, “No, nobody told me yet.” They’d say, “Oh, okay. Never mind. Just know that we’re excited, and it will be good. He’s a really good actor.”

Weekly: What was your initial meeting with Roscoe like?

Brooks: (Laughs) Well, it was very brief. I didn’t know if he was going to be a method actor who would snub me off in the halls, or if he was going to be a normal, really nice guy. The fact is, he’s a normal, really nice guy. I was having a conversation with somebody in the hallway, when Roscoe walked up to me and said, “You’re Darin, right? You play Max.” I told him, “Yeah.” He said, “Well, I’ll be playing your abusive father, and we’ll have some fun with it.” He was really cool. A very nice guy. I couldn’t ask for more.

Weekly: How would you describe Max’s feelings toward Trent?

Brooks: Max’s father makes him angry. He sees red whenever he’s around him. Right now, I would say having Max alone with Trent in the same room could be a scary thing. Max can take care of himself now, both physically and verbally. His father doesn’t intimidate him anymore.

Weekly: Have you learned anything from working with Roscoe?

Brooks: He’s a man of surprises. He likes to do things to surprise you, catch you off guard, and maybe get you into a special moment or place during a scene. One thing I’ve learned now is to surprise him back. I throw it back at him sometimes and see what we can do. So far, it’s been great.

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