A Tad Sexy

The special is hosted by two actresses currently vying for Knight’s on-screen attention, Bobbie Eakes (Krystal) and Terri Ivens (Simone). “It was such an absolute pleasure to get to know Bobbie Eakes outside of the studio in such a playful way,” raves Ivens. It was Terri and Bobbie rousing our characters together. She is the most delightful woman. To be able to work with her professionally and to have her as my little catfight partner is a blessing, because she’s so gracious and she’s not the type who brings her work home, so she doesn’t have a bad attitude with me later — no matter how many times you call her slut! She’s got such a great sense of humor and she does not take it seriously. We had so much fun. We ad-libbed; we danced; we poked fun; we told private little stories about Michael on-set. It’s really going to be something that Tad fans are going to love. And the fact that it airs Valentine’s weekend is absolutely perfect. I didn’t get to see any of the old episodes beforehand myself, so you know what I’ll be doing on Valentine’s Day!The marathon goes back into time, to like 1983. What is so amazingly smart is that the new fans that didn’t watch back then, they’ll get to know who the true Tad and Liza are, and they’ll be introduced to what the true Liza Colby was all about. Little Liza Colby is rearin’ her little blonde head all over the place in these episodes! I will definitely be watching so that Simone can learn some tricks from Liza and give her some of her old medicine. Marcy [Walker, Liza] would get a kick out of that, I think.”

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