Sydney Penny's Secret Vacation Spot

Sydney Penny (B&B, Samantha) had such a fabulous time on a recent vacation to Mexico that she won’t even divulge the name of the town she visited.

“You fly into Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo and it’s 45 minutes from there,” Penny teases. “I’m not going to tell you the name [of the town], because then people will go there (laughs). It’s amazing.”

The town boasts 90-degree weather and an ideal surfing break, which lends itself to plenty of sun worshipping. Penny and her husband rented a house with another couple, flew down and promptly indulged in a whole lot of nothing. “We would just go and watch the waves, splash in the ocean, do a little body surfing and then go for a walk,” Penny describes. “Out of all of us, my husband is the only one who surfs regularly. I’m still learning, but all of us love the ocean and collecting shells. You just nap, then swim in the pool, then swim in the ocean, then take another nap and then eat something and take a nap and take another nap and then have some margaritas and dinner and then play games.”

The game part was serious business — Penny and her fellow vacationers became passionate about Rummikub ( “I haven’t played it since I was young and we played it for hours every night! It got to be this mania with us. We were like, ‘We’ve got to finish dinner so we can play!'” Penny recalls, laughing. “I love Scrabble too, because I love words, but I’m always the one who ends up with six vowels and the X.”

Penny could have used crossword puzzles to pass the time, but “they get me crazy because they’re all trick questions. I can do the TV Guide one and that’s about it,” she confides. “I’m not good with pop culture stuff.” Instead, it was back to the beach.

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