Susan Lucci Dishes DEVIOUS MAIDS Season Finale

Susan Lucci (Genevieve, DEVIOUS MAIDS) has a lot to celebrate: Her hit Lifetime sudser, DEVIOUS MAIDS, will conclude its first season this coming Sunday, September 22, knowing that it will indeed be returning for a second go-round. "I am so excited that we are going to season number two," she enthuses. "I am thrilled to death. This experience has been a joy on every level, from the association with [Creator] Marc Cherry to this incredible cast. I am so thrilled and proud to be part of DEVIOUS MAIDS." Looking back on season one, Lucci says, "Every time we got a script, we were surprised. I think it's a hallmark of Marc Cherry's writing, that intrigue and mystery. The takeaway from Marc's shows is that no one is a cliché, not the maids working in the households or the Beverly Hills homeowners. There is humanity in every single character and I love that." The actress has developed a great fondness for her alter ego, who she finds to be a far cry from the put-together Erica Kane, her AMC role. "Genevieve is more romantic, more vulnerable, not as capable of always making such strong, decisive choices for herself. Also, Genevieve feels like maybe she's losing her mojo. She's having huge mood swings and she's self-medicating from time to time," she points out. And heading into the finale, Genevieve is still rather unlucky in love. "She's so hopeful and romantic, she's blind where Phillipe is concerned. And she's lost all her money!" For Lucci, the highlights of DM's first season are hard to pinpoint ("Every week was fantastic!"), but when pressed, she named a few. "Certainly, when Valentina confessed her love for Remy, Genevieve's son, and Genevieve welcomed her and said, 'You are wonderful and smart and sweet and I would love you in the life of my son.' Also, when Genevieve found out that she lost all her money and was having not too upset a reaction to it and her accountant said, 'Genevieve, do you understand what I'm telling you?' and Genevieve said, 'Well, surely there must be an entitlement program! This is America!' I thought that was very funny. And I love the scenes where Genevieve went to visit her ex-husband, played so beautifully by Stephen Collins, and every week, the scenes between Zoila and Genevieve. I absolutely adore working with Judy Reyes and love their relationship." Looking forward to next season, Lucci says, "I only wish to be in the hands of Marc Cherry, playing these incredible scenes with this incredible cast!"To watch (or relive) the first season, tune in to Lifetime on Sunday, September 22, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., for an all-day marathon leading up to the season finale.

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