Surfing the Net With Andrea Evans

PASSIONS’ Andrea Evans (Rebecca) likes to keep up with the times by maintaining a great Web site ( to interact with her fans, but she’s not pleased by everything she sees in cyberspace.

“So much of the stuff out there is inaccurate,” says Evans. Especially stuff about her on the famed Internet Movie Data Base ( “If you go on there, you’ll find I was born on three different years,” she says with a laugh. “And some of the projects they list I didn’t do. Some of them are in the ’60s. I mean come on guys, figure it out. I couldn’t do them!”

Having been the victim of a fan stalker for many years, Evans is especially sensitive to the idea of so much personal info being out there on the net for anyone to grab. “I find the Internet scary. I do. Having been through my experience, the way that information is out there. You can find out my hometown in a snap, and there are sites to find out where celebrities live, and stuff like that. That’s where it can become very dangerous. Not just for me, but for all kinds of people, like a woman who is hiding from her abusive ex-husband who threatened to kill her. People have to be given a certain amount of privacy, but I don’t know how they are going to work that out with the Internet because it is so out there and so hard to control. A perfect example of that is a Gamblers’ Anonymous in Australia. Apparently, when you go to their Web site advertising for casinos pops up that they can’t stop, because it’s from another country.”

Evans has had her own international Internet incident: “If you look up my name on Yahoo! there is some foreign site I’m on. I went to go check it out and it’s one of those sites with the ladies heads superimposed onto naked bodies. The worst part is I can’t get to “me” to see what “I” look like, or understand what they are saying about “me” because it’s written in some foreign language I don’t know!”