Sunday Brunch With Eric Martsolf

“We had a California Pizza Kitchen Sunday date,” Eric Martsolf starts. “Lindsay (Hartley, Theresa) brought her daughter Isabella, Mac (Westmore, Sheridan) and her husband Keith (a.k.a. musician Seven) brought their new son Maddox, Liza (Huber, Gwen) was sitting there with her bun in the oven and I’m sitting there with my two twins (Chase and Mason). This is the same group of people you would be out having martinis with at a restaurant!”

Cut to a few years later and cocktails have been replaced with formula, bottles and pacifiers. “There were sippy cups, crayons and burp rags. We took over the restaurant,” Martsolf laughs. “Totally different life. It’s surreal.”

Imagine what it was like for the folks brunching next to Ethan, Gwen, Theresa and Sheridan! “We thought about that,” Martsolf admits. “We got a few looks here and there, but nobody came up to us. I think they were scared, because we were all from the soap and there were so many kids.”

It also sounds as though this cast of characters was difficult to penetrate. “It’s hard enough for a waitress to ask people what they want to eat while you have twins sitting next to you, because you can’t even concentrate on the menu,” Martsolf points out. “It took about 45 minutes to order, because no one looked at the menu. They were too busy catching drool off my kids’ lips or whatever.”

Some parents-to-be might have found the chaotic scene daunting, but not Liza Huber. “She was scared in the beginning, but now my kids are going through a fun phase, where they’re starting to smile and laugh more,” Martsolf says. “That helps. She’s totally excited now.”

And how is the new dad? “Life can best be summed up by this [brunch date] story,” he smiles. ” I’m doing fine. I’m a dad! It’s not easy sometimes. There’s so much work! You no longer have to sweat taking care of yourself. It’s about your family now, so it’s a whole different ball game.”