Summer Loving — Loving Summer

Galen Gering (Luis): “I’m going up to Canada. We have this place outside of Banff and it’s spectacular. Wow, it’s so beautiful up there in the mountains. It’s real warm. It’s in the Canadian Rockies, right at the base of these mountains. There’s fishing, hiking, golf, kayaking, biking — you name it, you can do it. It’s all there.”
Kelli McCarty (Beth): “We’re going up past Santa Barbara to this hotel that has all these natural mineral springs up in the mountain. It’s really fantastic and relaxing. There’s nothing else to do there. I’m going to be very clean (laughs) I have four shows the first day back. It’s so hard not to take my scripts, but my husband (Matt Dearborn) will probably make me leave them. I’m just looking forward to doing nothing, as I think most people here are.”
Justin Hartley (Fox): “I’m going to hit the gym a little harder, because I’ve got [lots of summer storyline] coming up. And my family’s coming in from Chicago, so I’ll get to visit with them. I haven’t seen my sister Gabriela in months. She’s 8 now, so my mom’s going to actually let her sleep over at my apartment. We’re going to rent movies and get popcorn and candy.”
Ben Masters (Julian): “I’ll go to Catalina for a few days, in late July. I’ve just recently bought a 45-foot sailboat. I’m very excited! It has two berths, with a queen size bed in one, and two heads, as they’re called on a boat, with full showers and everything. It will be [docked] in the L.A. area. I was into powerboats when I was young. I know a bit about sailing, but I’m going to have to learn more.”
McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan): “We have a week off in September, so Keith and I are talking about [a belated honeymoon]. It’s already been over a year since we got married! He’s never been to Europe and after I went to Paris, that first year on PASSIONS, I’ve always wanted to go back. I knew that the day I met the man that I was absolutely in love with, I’d want to go back there. It’s such a great city. Either that or Ireland — or Italy. His whole family’s from Italy.”
Kathleen Noone (Mrs. Wallace): “I’m going to Hawaii. We have a week break and then the day we come back, I’m doing four shows in one day! There will be no time [to learn lines] when I return. I have to check my mailbox before I leave here, so I know I have them in my head before I leave L.A. Then, I’m giving myself a break until I’m back, because we have been on such a heavy schedule and I’ve had so much dialogue everyday my brain needs a break from it. I’m visiting friends for five days just to chill out, sit on my friend’s patio overlooking the water, walk and just be in that ‘aloha’ feeling.”

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