Spending Father's Day

John McCook (Eric): This year was special, because it was also my birthday. Obviously, it’s happened before, [but I can’t remember it]. Father’s Day was morning, my birthday was evening. We stayed very domestic. The kids all made me breakfast — not in bed! I’m too sloppy an eater. They made me French toast, lots of bacon and sausage. It was great. And it was Sunday, so I said, ‘Leave me alone,’ and sat outside with the crossword puzzles from the Sunday Times. They left me alone, which was great, and then Jake barbecued dinner. I got a pile of books. That’s all I ever ask for. Now, I have all my books for summer! I’m all set.

Drew Tyler Bell (Thomas): My dad and I went golfing, but this was ghetto golfing. We’re not PGA at all. This is our third time ever, so it was a 9 hole/3 par, but this was a BAD 9 hole/3 par. You have to walk down into this cement lake with no water in it and weeds growing out to get to the next hole. We were at the one spot where the hole is 90 yards away, but then right after, it banks down, so we lost about four balls and hit some into the trees. It was bad. You have to pay for it, believe it or not, but just a few bucks. It was fun. He beat me by five strokes. I let him win. (laughs) That was his gift.
Kayla Ewell (Caitlin): We went on a yacht! The Italian restaurant Spaghettini Italian Grill and Jazz Club had a buffet and there was a live jazz band. My older brother Jade came with his two boys, Blake (2) and Luck (1). My brother’s like, “I only named him Luke so I could say, ‘Luke, I am your father!'” They absolutely loved the boat and my dad loved it. It was so fun and really nice to be with the family. We did it on Saturday, because on Sunday, my Mom and I went to San Diego to help at World Family Kids’ Camp, a camp for abused children. We helped set up and my Mom’s a counselor. I was supposed to be one, but I’m working every day this week.

Justin Torkildsen (Rick): We had a very mellow Father’s Day. I got him a nice present and stuff, but he wasn’t able to come out [to California], so we talked on the phone for a good couple of hours.

Maeve Quinlan (Megan): I just bought a town house, so I was packing on Father’s Day, doing masculine stuff. I called Dad. I sent him a gift and card, but he’s in Chicago.

Ronn Moss (Ridge): Playing a huge softball game in Malibu. [It was] a lot of people and it was pretty competitive, actually. My girls were there. They didn’t play ball because it was mostly adults playing. We had a great afternoon, then went back and had a feast with a couple of the people. They made some great tamale pie and we scarfed it down.

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