Speaking Parts

“I never got into smoking. I tried, and on occasion you might see me
light up, but like former President Clinton, I don’t inhale.”

Digest, 10/25/05

“I love the humor. I love the involvement that the Cramer women have.
But I think Dorian has more colors that are possible to explore.”

Digest, 9/20/05

“I love working with Erika [Slezak, Viki, OLTL]. I’m grateful for that
relationship for many reasons.”

Digest, 12/9/03

“I am grand and silly on a daily basis. I’m just goofy.”

Digest, 5/27/03

“New Year’s Eve is just so loaded with the presumption that you’re going
to have a gorgeous, elegant time with someone you love. It makes you
want to slit your wrists.”

Digest, 1/2/01

“PASSIONS is the equivalent of a daytime classic, like DARK SHADOWS. We
will be seeing PASSIONS for years down the road on outlets that show
classics like that.”

Digest, 2/27/01

“There are no boundaries in television, and there are certainly no
boundaries on daytime television. You’re supposed to be in the trenches
for 16 hours a day or you are just not a good soldier.”

Digest, 2/22/00

“I love all the evil stuff, but I do it as if she’s doing good stuff. I
also enjoy the great license they give me to add comedy.”

Digest, 4/29/97

“I never really had the confidence to do any of this. Constitutionally,
I was — and probably still remain — one of the least ready people to
sell my exterior, as opposed to my interior.”

Digest, 3/12/96