Sonny Timeline Page 3

2000: Sonny has a pregnant Carly and Michael move into the penthouse and things grow romantic; Sonny and Roy DiLucca work to bring down rival mobster Joseph Sorel; Carly and Sonny become engaged, but she loses the baby in a tragic fall; they make up, then have a falling out when she accidentally gets him arrested; S&C wed so that she can’t testify against him; the match turns to love; Sonny gets shot at the P.C.P.D.

2001: Sonny has a near-death experience in which he visits Lily and meets his two never-born children; after surviving another mob hit, he and Carly renew their vows in a Caribbean ceremony; Sonny ices out Carly after she secretly tries to arrange a deal for him with the Feds; he later gets stabbed and is cared for by a woman named Angel, who turns out to be Sorel’s daughter.
2002: Sonny grows closer with Alexis Davis and they have sex; she gets pregnant, but conceals the truth from him….

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