Sonny Timeline Page 2

1996: Sonny gets engaged to Lily, but still has feelings for Brenda; after learning that Lily is pregnant, Sonny marries her, but she’s killed in a car explosion that her father intended for Sonny; he helps kill Senor Rivera; Sonny ruins Brenda and Jax’s wedding by bringing forth Jax’s presumed-dead first wife, Miranda; Jason suffers brain damage in a car accident, then goes to work for Sonny.

1997: Sonny and Brenda get trapped together in the catacombs and make love; they eventually reunite and get stalked by a hitman named the Tin Man; Senor Rivera is revealed to be alive, but Sonny kills him; Sonny and Brenda get engaged, but he skips town — never arriving at the altar — to keep her safe.
1998: Sonny returns to town later in the year and learns that Brenda is presumed dead in a car crash.

1999: He becomes romantically involved with newcomer Hannah Scott, unaware that she’s an undercover FBI agent; he has a one-night stand with Carly; when he learns of Hannah’s identity, he breaks up with her.

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