Sonny Timeline

1993: Sonny Corinthos is introduced to viewers as a mob-connected strip-club owner; he turns Karen Wexler on to drugs and into his main show-stopper.
1994: An attraction develops between Sonny and Brenda Barrett; Sonny gets shot as he and Luke Spencer break Frank Smith out of jail; Brenda donates her blood for a transfusion; Sonny backs Brenda and Lois in L&B Records; Sonny meets Lily Rivera, but he and Brenda get into a scrape with Lily’s gangster dad in Puerto Rico; Sonny assumes control of the P.C. mob.
1995: Sonny and Luke partner up in a blues club, where Sonny is reunited with his estranged dad, Mike Corbin; he and Luke strike down Sonny’s old mentor, Joe Scully, then survive a mob hit; Sonny’s devastated when his surrogate little bro, Stone Cates, is felled by AIDS; Sonny breaks up with Brenda after finding a surveillance wire on her, then takes up with Lily.

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