Son Shine

Soap Opera Digest: How has your B&B experience been so far?
Chris Warren, Jr.: It’s great. They’re really nice and cool, and I got acclimated pretty quickly. I was scared that everything was going to be kind of weird, but as soon as I got there, they were really friendly.Digest: Has anyone taken you under their wing?
Warren: Lorenzo [Lamas, Hector] and Kayla [Ewell, Caitlin], especially because they play my dad and my sister. I have most of my scenes with them and they’re really cool to work with.

Digest: You went to New York for the Daytime Emmys. How was that?

Warren: I was there before, when I was doing Lion King on Broadway [as young Simba]. I wouldn’t want to live there, but it’s nice to visit. I like it, but not for long periods.Digest: Is there anything about New York you miss that L.A. doesn’t have?

Warren: The energy of it because it seems so hyped all the time and there’s always something going on. It gets kind of boring in California, but it’s still fun.Digest: What’s the difference in acting on a soap versus acting in theater?

Warren: On stage you have to be bigger, but on TV you try to be more subtle and try not to act too much. If you mess up, you can do it over and no one sees it. If you mess up on stage, you’ve got to try and recover and be quick-witted.Digest: Did you ever think you’d be on a soap?

Warren: I didn’t. I always made fun of my mom and said I was going to be on a soap, but I didn’t actually expect that it was going to happen. It was a surprise.Digest: What was her reaction when you landed your B&B role?

Warren: She was really excited and happy that I got a job.Digest: Do you watch PASSIONS?

Warren: I have, but most of the time I don’t because I’m at school. But if we tape it, I’ll watch it. I don’t like watching it that much because she’s always kissing some guy, so I don’t like seeing that.Digest: What kind of advice does your mom give you about being on a soap?

Warren: She said just be ready for any questions I might get asked in interviews for what’s going on with me now. On my first day at BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL, she gave me tips — just be ready and don’t be shy. Just general tips, so it was helpful.Digest: Maybe you’ll get nominated for an Emmy next year.

Warren: That would be cool.Digest: What was the highlight of your trip to the Emmys?
Warren: I think the [ceremony] itself was really cool and being with my new friends from BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL. Before when I would watch the Emmys, my mom’s show got nominated, but didn’t win. But this year, I know the B&B people, and then I know people on my mom’s show, so now its personal and I’m connected to it. Everyone is always asking me what it’s like to be on a soap, so that’s cool.

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