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Soap Opera Digest: So I think Josh holds the record in daytime for the oddest way to be brought into the world. No easy feat in this genre.
Colin Egglesfield: Yeah, and it’s kind of funny because when people ask me who I am on the show, I like to say, “I’m the abortion of Erica Kane.” Or, technically, I think it’s a “transportion.”Digest: Yes, by all means, let’s be technical about it. Wouldn’t want to, you know, stretch medical credibility!
Egglesfield: Totally [laughs]! Actually, my father is an obstetrician/gynecologist and my brother is a doctor, as is one of my best friends, and their collective opinion is that this is possible; it is possible to take a fetus out of one woman and place it into the fetus of another woman, but it’s only possible within the first week of pregnancy, before the fetus actually starts attaching itself to the uterine lining. Normally, women don’t know that soon after conception that they’re pregnant. But my theory is that after a glorious lovemaking session with [Josh’s] father, Jeff Martin, she knew that she was pregnant and went to Dr. Madden. That being 30 years ago, he really was quite a pioneer in the field. I’m very impressed. Especially since Ian [Buchanan, Greg] can barely pour himself a cup of coffee in the morning!Digest: How long have you known about Josh’s origins?
Egglesfield: I’ve known for probably eight weeks. Shortly before we taped the explosion, I got the lowdown. Julie Hanan [Carruthers, executive producer] asked me if I’d heard any rumors about my character, then basically laid it out for me. When she told me that Josh was going to become a doctor, I was so thrilled because I was premed in college. Man, I just love playing this character. He’s just … he’s just such a bastard!Digest: That he is, my friend. Now, the direction your character has taken is allowing you to work with some new and exciting people. Tell me about working with Ray MacDonnell
Egglesfield: Love him. He’s like the grandfather I never had; my grandfathers both died when I was really young. He’s such a friendly, nice guy and he loves to joke around. He’s a really grounded actor with a great sense of humor.Digest: And what about someone who has absolutely no sense of humor, Michael E. Knight [Tad]?
Egglesfield: Oh, yeah, he’s a real pain in the ass. He’s just such a gracious man and he just makes you feel so welcome and so comfortable doing scenes with him. He’s one of my favorite people to work with. We actually studied with the same acting teacher, so we understand the same, like, terminology and phrases that our teacher would throw at us. We’re on the same page in terms of the work. I love getting to be a bastard to him.Digest: You’ve been working with Susan [Lucci, Erica] all along, but have you two spoken about the bizarre connection between your characters?
Egglesfield: We haven’t really spoken in-depth about it, but it’s been great working with her — especially after the explosion. Those were my favorite scenes so far, working with her under those conditions. I just felt like we really established a new understanding between us, both our characters and us as actors. I know I’m not the first person to say this, but she’s just such a sweet woman. I can’t say enough nice things about her.Digest: Did you watch the air shows of you and Susan in the cave and see that flashback from AMC’s first year?
Egglesfield: You know what? I did, and it brought chills to me. I’m a softie when it comes to watching movies and good TV that is really emotionally charged and for some reason, when I saw that, I seriously got a tear in my eye. There was something so … so sweet about it and so innocent. I thought it was amazing. Beautiful. It really kind of gave me a new respect for Susan, as well, because it really showed me, “Wow, she’s been a part of this the whole time and she has so much to do with the success ALL MY CHILDREN has had.”Digest: I remember that when I talked to you a few months ago, you were hoping that Josh might get a shot at hooking up with Kendall. Guess that’s out of the question now, huh?
Egglesfield: Yeah. I really wanted that, man. But Josh falling in love with his sister, that could be really interesting. Alicia’s [Minshew, Kendall] such a beautiful girl, it would have been quite fun. I haven’t even had a love scene yet! Just one little kiss and that’s about it.Digest: And she wasn’t even that into you.
Egglesfield: No, I think she was really into it. I think she was just so in awe of my handsomeness that it was kind of hard for her to express her true feelings for me. That’s what it’s like for most women on the show [laughs].Digest: And in real life, too, I’m sure.
Egglesfield: Absolutely. You get it!

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