SOAP TALK-In' At ABC's Super Soap Weekend

Soap Talk took the show on the road for two tapings at Disney’s California Adventure during ABC’s Super Soap Weekend May 30.

“I never feel like I have things under control when it’s live and it’s on the road like that,” laughs co-host Lisa Rinna, who first went on location with the show during last year’s Super Soap Weekend at Disney-MGM Studios in Florida. “There was definite growth between last time and this time. Having fans [in the audience] that are fans of the shows that we’re interviewing makes a huge difference, and it’s nice being in your hometown. I felt like I could play more this time.”

A highlight for Rinna included interviewing daytime legend Susan Lucci (Erica, All My Children). “She is a class act,” raves Rinna. “I’ve met her a few times but I’ve never gotten to interview her. I enjoyed spending time with her, I thought she was warm and available. What really impressed me was her reaction to the fans and how gracious she is. She is truly moved by their exuberance.”

Rinna also had a blast during the One Life to Live taping. “I loved being with Catherine Hickland and Hillary B. Smith (Lindsay and Nora),” she smiles. “They’re so fun together.”
It wasn’t all work and no play for Rinna, who hit the rides with co-host Ty Treadway (Troy, OLTL) after the tapings. “Ty and I went on the roller coaster (California Screamin’) and the Grizzly [River Run] that gets you all wet — that was pretty hysterical,” chuckles Rinna. “The roller coaster was really fun, but they wanted me to do it a second time and I couldn’t. My stomach was in a knot. I just don’t have it in me anymore!”
Soap Talk featuring OLTL‘s Hickland, Smith, Bruce Michael Hall, Jessica Morris, Nathaniel Marston and Kathy Brier (Joey, Jen, Al and Marcie) premieres June 5 on SOAPnet. Check out Soap Talk with Lucci and her AMC co-stars Walt Willey, Rebecca Budig, Alicia Minshew and Maximillian Alexander (Jackson, Greenlee, Kendall and Carlos) on June 11.

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