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3:01 So Long … For Now!Okay, so we’ve got our holiday photo squared away, we’ve got our What’s In! What’s Out! on our desks … oh, right! You’ll need to hang tight a few more days before yours arrives — but be ready: There are some real surprises this year. What do you think — are twins in, or out? are social issues in, or out? and what about actor poaching? Oh, we know that’s in — paging Roger Howarth (Paul, ATWT; ex-Todd, OLTL), Stephen Martines (Tony, GL; ex-Nikolas, GH); and Real Andrews (Walker, ATWT; ex-Taggert, GH) — among others. What do you think of those faces in their new places? We’re surprisingly satisfied, actually. But to learn more about the others, you’re gonna need your November 25 issue, which comes out on November 18….That said, some sad news: All good things come to an end, and we’re here to tell you that this is the last Digest blog entry for a while. We’re doing some re-working behind the Web scenes, which means the blog is going to have to go on hiatus. But remember: The archives remain up, and we do have plans to come back to this someday soon! Thanks again for joining us at Digest Today, and make sure to check back again. It’s been fun blogging with you!11:31 AM Smile!That sound of popping and beeping and cries of “Perfect” and “smaller, smaller” and “eyes bigger” coming from the Digest hallway is, in fact, the sound of end-of-the-year holiday photos being taken: Once a year, a fabulous photographer (in this case, the eminent Robert Milazzo) and staff come to the offices and take lots of glam photos of our staff for inclusion in the magazine. So we’re all awhirl this morning as they’re being snapped (and it looks as though this year everyone’s worn nice bright colors)!But! On to the soaps. We’ve had another question from a fan writing in with a burning question:”I need some help!! My sister in law and I have an argument going on about Kyle Brandt who plays Philip on Days of our Lives. Is he or isn’t he the guy who was on MTV’s THE REAL WORLD? I have checked every where I could possibly think of to check on line to prove her wrong and have come up with nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.”We’re happy to do what we can. Yes, Kyle Brandt (who took over the role of Phillip on DAYS from Jay Kenneth Johnson in May) was on THE REAL WORLD: CHICAGO. As he said in our profile of him in the July 29, 2003 Digest, the aspiring actor/football player from Princeton spotted something in the newspaper about REAL WORLD auditions, and laughed. “We were like, ‘Oh, my God, THE REAL WORLD, how cheesy,’ ” he recalled. “We made fun of it and like two cases [of beer] later, we decided to go. So, we waited in line with all these people whose life dream it was to be on the show, and I think my attitude was the reason they responded to me…. About three weeks after I graduated from college, I was in that house.” He noted it was more of a challenge than he’d realized, as MTV producers controlled a lot of the so-called “reality” in the house. “You can’t get a tattoo, you can’t change your hair, so they can mess with the chonology [of events],” he said. And after it was over, “I needed counseling…. It was a really emotionally exhausting experience.”For more on Brandt, check out Kyle Brandt Online or his IMDb listing. Hope this answered your question!

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