Soap Alum Passes Away

Linda Cook Mann (ex-Egypt, LOVING, ex-Ann/Lucy, ATWT et al) passed away on April 12 in New York City. She was surrounded by her loved ones, including husband, Patrick, and sisters Karin and Shelley. The actress got her soap start on EDGE OF NIGHT in 1975 as Laurie Ann Karr. Her most memorable role was on LOVING, as Egypt Jones Masters, where she played opposite Randy Mantooth (ex-Alex). "It's hard for me to fathom that that bundle of energetic, always cheerful talent has been silenced," says Mantooth. "And, sad that it takes the passing of a friend to remind us all of the wonderful souls we've all been blessed to have in our lives. Linda was a joy to work with, and to be around." A memorial service will take place on April 28. "She is greatly missed already," says former co-star and friend Susan Keith (ex-Shana, LOVING et al).

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