So Many Men....
The Loves Of Y&R's Katherine

As Y&R’s Kay struggles to prove that she is indeed Katherine Chancellor and not her late look-alike, Marge, she’s become very friendly with Marge’s pal, Murphy. Is their romance in their future? Digest chatted with portrayer Jeanne Cooper, who gave her take on Kay and Murphy, as well as her character’s other romances.Kay And Murphy

“I don’t know how this would really work. I don’t know if realistically Kay would date a guy who owned a bait and tackle shop, but he’s become very dear to her and will always remain that way. I love working with Michael [Fairman]. He’s a great guy, one of the loveliest men I’ve worked with. And I’m enjoying her friendship with Murphy. I think he’ll work his way into her life but I don’t think she’ll marry him.”

Kay And Gary Reynolds

“He was the father of her son, Brock, so he’ll always have a place in her heart because of that.”

Kay And Phillip Chancellor II

“He was an intellectual, slightly cold-hearted businessman. He didn’t have a lot of warmth and the sense of being at peace with himself. And he cheated on her with Jill and Jill had his baby. With Kay, it was kind of a love/hate thing with him. Murphy’s the farthest thing from him ever. It’s funny because Phillip is often portrayed as being the love of her life and I don’t really think he was. He caused her a lot of heartache — and she ended up driving off a cliff with him.”Kay And Derek Thurston

“He was a good-looking man. That was purely a sexual thing. She was with him because he was good in bed [laughs]. And then Jill came between them, too!”

Kay And Jerry “Cash” Cashman

“He was the owner of that nightclub that Nikki stripped in [The Bayou]. Katherine really loved him and wanted to marry him … and then he died. It was a shame because I think it could’ve been interesting if they’d done more with that romance. I was curious to see where it would lead.”Kay And Rex Sterling

“I actually think Rex was the most like Murphy. He had that warmth to him. He truly loved Katherine. They could never be friends; they could only be husband and wife because that’s what Rex wanted. Kay married him because she knew that was the only way he could be happy.”

Kay And Arthur Hendricks

“That was Jill’s father… Kay was supposed to know him, wasn’t she [laughs]? That would be funny if it came out that Jill isn’t her daughter and it was all a dream … and that Amber is her grandchild! I mean, if they could make everything a dream on DALLAS, they could do it on Y&R, right?”