The Single Guy

We’ve seen plenty of nixed nups on soaps, but Lorenzo Lamas (Hector,
BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL) experienced it in real life. The actor shares with
Digest what he did during the July weekend that he was supposed to marry
his now-ex-fiancée, Barbara Moore.“All my family was scheduled to come out for the wedding, and I was
really looking forward to seeing them,” says Lamas. “So I was a little
disappointed that it looked like that wouldn’t happen after the plans
fell through. But the wonderful thing is, they all still came out for
that weekend anyway…. My sister Carol, my brother Steven, my mother,
Arlene [Dahl, ex-Lucinda, ONE LIFE TO LIVE], her husband, Marc, my son,
A.J. [ex-Rafael, AS THE WORLD TURNS] and my daughters — Shayne,
Alexandra, Victoria and Isabella. There were some other relatives and
friends, too.”

The gang enjoyed a night on the town at one of Lamas’s favorite
restaurants and, of course, lots of chattering went on for most of the
evening. “We were sitting around the table, trying to remember when all
of the siblings were together and we couldn’t,” Lamas recalls. “There
was just never a point in time when we were all together. That just made
it even more special.”Not surprisingly, being together for such a big family meal felt like the
holidays. “It was an amazing dinner and it was almost like getting
together for Thanksgiving,” notes Lamas. “In fact, we gave thanks to
family and prayed that we can do it many more times. It would be so
incredible if we could all do this again for a Thanksgiving or
Christmas. My 19-year-old daughter, Shayne, makes a great turkey.”

Even though he’s been married four times and canceled his most recent
engagement, Lamas hasn’t soured on the idea of getting hitched again.
“Believe it or not, I still think marriage is a great institution,” he
says. “I’m glad my older kids are not in a rush to get married like I
was at their age. I was married at 21, divorced and married again at 23
and had children by the age of 24.”

Despite being single again, Lamas doesn’t harbor any ill will toward
Moore. “We may have come to the conclusion that marriage was not in the
cards for us, but we also decided that we are going to be loving and
supportive toward each other in the spirit that brought us together in
the first place,” he explains. “I think she’s a wonderful, talented
woman and destined for greatness.”

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