Sibling Revelry With Judi Evans And Stephen Nichols

Credit: JPI

Soap Opera Digest: Do you see any similarities between your character’s brother/sister relationship with Steve and Adrienne, and your dynamic with your real-life sibling?
Stephen Nichols: Yes, in that I have always been very protective of my real-life sister, as Steve is of Adrienne. My sister is two years older and I stood up for her when we were in grade school more than once. Usually, older boys would taunt her or say something nasty and I would call them out. Sometimes I won, and sometimes I got the crap kicked out of me. But it was worth it.
Judi Evans: I’m closest to my youngest brother— closest being seven years younger than I am. We have a relationship very much like Steve and Adrienne. We tease each other. We kid each other. But in a heartbeat, we’d do anything to help each other.

Digest: Do you see a family resemblance?
Nichols: Sure. Blonde hair, light eyes.
Evans: Oh, definitely. Stephen looks kind of like my brother. We have the same kind of coloring.

Digest: How would you describe the relationship between Steve and Adrienne?
Nichols: Steve and Adrienne are very close because they had a rough time of it growing up. That usually makes for a tight bond between siblings.
Evans: It’s a very close brother and sister relationship. They love each other dearly and accept each other for all their good points and bad points. They support each other through anything.

Digest: What have been your favorite scenes together?
Nichols: All of the scenes in the ’80s, when Adrienne shot Duke, and Steve took the rap. And the scenes when Adrienne found Steve in the mental hospital drugged to the gills. Cool stuff.
Evans: When Steve took the blame for their father’s death, even though it was Adrienne who killed him, it was what drew the characters together. He was very protective of her. All of those scenes stand out for me.

Digest: Have you met each other’s real siblings/parents/family members?
Nichols: I think Judi may have met my brother, Zach, years ago.
Evans: My brothers all live pretty far away. I’ve met Stephen’s kids and his wife, but never any of his siblings.

Digest: What do your characters think of each other’s choice of romantic partner?
Nichols: Presently, Steve has come to believe that Adrienne and Justin were meant to be together.
Evans: Adrienne loves Kayla. She sees her like a sister.

Digest: Stephen, do you ever feel protective of Judi, like she’s a younger sister?
Nichols: Yes, I do.
Evans: It’s nice. I really enjoy it.

Digest: How would you say you worked on developing a realistic sibling bond on camera?
Nichols: We actually refer to each other as baby sister and bro when we greet each other in the makeup room. Like I said, Judi makes it easy. She is so lovable.
Evans: I love it when he calls me baby sister. It’s really sweet. It very much feels like a brotherly relationship. We tease each other a lot. So there are a lot of similarities between Steve and Adrienne, and Stephen and Judi.