Satterfield Adjusts to Llanview

“There are more people working for Digest and Weekly than I realized,” laughed ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s newcomer Paul Satterfield (Spencer) as Weekly caught up with him before the 2005 daytime Emmys in New York city on May 20.

“Everybody’s really wonderful and just a little bit kind of nutty like me and quirky,” says the former SAVANNAH and PACIFIC PALISADES dweller of his new Llanview neighbors.

“Nutty” and “quirky” puts it mildly where on-screen brother David Vickers, played by the always-entertaining Tuc Watkins, is concerned. Satterfield agrees, “He’s one of the ones I’m talking about. I just feel like I sort of fit in here.” Not that it’s one big party. The actor quickly assures, “Everybody works really hard, everybody’s serious about what they do — they just don’t take themselves too seriously.”

One thing Satterfield does take seriously is boning up on his soaps. “I watched the ABC line-up today just so if I saw somebody, I could say, ‘I’ve seen your work lately’ or ‘I saw what’s happening,'” confides the actor. “It was more homework than anything else. Certainly not any criticism with what’s going on.”

“It’s the first time I’ve been [to the Emmys],” explains the studious Satterfield. “We didn’t get tickets when I was working back at GH,” he says of the show where he portrayed businessman Paul Hornsby from 1991 to 1994. “Unless you were nominated or really someone they wanted to promote at the time, we were back home doing the show while everybody was out here partying. But here, everybody gets to go.”

And during Emmy week, there’s always a place and a party to go to. “Even if you worked at 7:00 this morning, you get your day finished with, go home and take a nap and then you come out. It’s fun.” And even if he’s going out…make no mistake about it, Dr. Spencer Truman is definitely in!

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