Same Difference

There's an old belief that people often hate the ones who remind them the most of themselves. This can definitely be said of B&B rivals, Brooke Logan and Dr. Taylor Hayes. Though the blonde and brunette are very different, they actually have quite a bit in common. Not yet convinced? Read on!

— Taylor is a psychiatrist, but has always been very involved in the goings-on at Forrester Creations.
— Brooke was a chemist for FC, though in the past years, she's been more involved in the fashion end of the company.

— In 1987, Caroline Spencer was about to marry Ridge, but suffered a panic attack at the altar and was rushed to the hospital. There, she befriended Brooke, then a chem student, who was working in the lab. Brooke used her friendship with Caroline to get close to Ridge.
— In 1990, Caroline learned that she was dying with leukemia, and Taylor was her doctor. After Caroline died, Taylor bonded with Ridge as she helped him deal with his grief.

— Taylor and Ridge have been married three times: in 1992, 1998, and they renewed their vows in 2005. They've had three children: Thomas, born in 1998, and twins Steffy and Phoebe, born in 1999 (though Phoebe died in 2008).
— Brooke and Ridge have been married five times: in 1994, 1998, 2003, 2004 and 2009. However, none of these marriages, save for the last, was legit. Their '94 and '04 unions were declared invalid because a twice presumed-dead Taylor returned; Ridge annulled the '98 marriage because Brooke didn't tell him that Taylor was pregnant with his child; meanwhile, Brooke annulled their '03 union because she thought she was pregnant with Nick's baby (who turned out to be Ridge's child). As for kids, Ridge and Brooke have one son, RJ, born in 2004.

— Brooke has twice been wed to Ridge's father, Eric: in 1991 and 2005. They share two grown kids, Rick, born in 1990 and Bridget, born in 1992. Brooke also romanced Ridge's brother, Thorne; they wed in 2001.
— Taylor and Eric shared a flirtation in 1995 and even kissed, but Taylor ended things because she feared it would hurt Stephanie. In 2007, she and Thorne surprisingly grew close after a drunken Taylor accidentally ran down and killed Thorne's wife, Darla. Taylor and Thorne were briefly engaged, but ended things because his and Darla's daughter, Alexandria, wouldn't accept the pair.

— Brooke and Nick fell in love and wed in 2006, though they divorced the next year because she still had feelings for Ridge, and he was unfaithful with Bridget.
— Taylor and Nick bonded when he became her patient in 2007. They wed that year and were thrilled when Taylor became pregnant via in vitro fertilization. However, Bridget accidentally implanted Taylor with Brooke's egg, meaning that the child was Nick and Brooke's. Taylor gave birth to baby Jack, but was unable to bond with the little boy and gave him to Brooke; Taylor and Nick's marriage collapsed and ended in 2008.

— Brooke was aghast when Taylor dated and then became engaged to Brooke's son, Rick, in 2008, though their relationship quickly fizzled out.
— Taylor was horrified when her son, Thomas, kissed Brooke in 2011, and has accused Brooke of "corrupting" him.

— In 2002, Brooke had an affair with Bridget's then-husband, Deacon, and became pregnant with his child, Hope. Then in 2010, Brooke "accidentally" slept with Hope's boyfriend, Oliver, at a costume party when she mistook him for Ridge.
— Not only has Taylor had a relationship with Rick, but so have both of her daughters, Phoebe and Steffy! Phoebe dated him in 2007 and Steffy in 2009.

— Brooke has been romantically involved with Eric, Ridge and Thorne Forrester (and kissed Thomas).
— Taylor has also been romantically involved with Eric, Ridge, Thorne and Rick Forrester in some capacity. Meanwhile, she was briefly engaged to Brooke's brother, Storm Logan in 1991, and slept with Brooke's dad, Stephen in 2006.

— Brooke wed Whip in a marriage of convenience in 2002 when Whip pretended that he was the father of Brooke's baby (Deacon was really the pop).
— After a whirlwind courtship, Taylor wed Whip in 2010.